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Well, I'm in my final year at college and I have just way too much work on my hands, I hope to have more time for DA next semester or in the next year.

I did create some things but I just can't find the time to upload them...

And to all those in my DevWatch list: I'll be catching up on your work later :)


What do you do when studying? Well, you occupy your computer with something useful, like rendering ;) Should have thought about that a bit earlier... ;)

The digital camera wont be for this year I'm afraid, I already need a new portable for school, guess It'll be a Mac, hmm... *sigh* why does everything have to be so expensive... One day I'll be able to buy a DA membership, but it won't be today :(

Anyway I just did my last examination, now let's hope I got past...

Thanks for stopping by and have a nice day

Well, the exams are in the past, I have to redo two subjects (mathematics and computer architecture) in september, but in the mean time I'm going to enjoy the vacation :)

I'm really running out of ideas for landscapes, I still do have a lot of room to improve myself though, but I feel like trying something else... I recently had some great ideas for photographs, but I don't have a camera :( Well maybe after I've earned some money...

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the day!
I haven't been very active lately due to school stuff, this situation will continue for some time which means I have quite a lot of Deviations to check of my favourite artists, but I'm catching up...

While doing all this I managed to render two new wallpapers (well, two versions of the same one actually), which I'll upload as soon as I've found a name for them ;)

Have a nice day

It seems people like my art, I really appreciate it... I never expected such a good response, I just wanted to thank everybody for their comments and especially daedalus256 for his ecouragement and my girlfriend for al the support and help with the colors (I :love: you!!)...

Big :hug: to you all!
Man, I really like those reddish colours... Still I sometimes wonder if the colors I use aren't getting monotonous...
Finding other combinations isn't really easy being colorblind, this bloody handicap sometimes really drives me up the walls... *sigh*

Oh, well, I guess it doesn't matter as long as I myself like what I make... It sometimes seems like I'm the hardest critic of myself... It's only after my gf told me she really, really liked my work (especially Black Sunrise) that I decided to post them...